While I agree that the game has turned into a creator/destroyer esq. midfield line up being essential, I am not sure I totally agree with it.

I’ll explain why, right now.

Inter Milan had the most successful Mid Field conceding what was one of the fewest number of goals in the history of their establishment in the modern era when Suprise, Suprise: Patrick Viera and Edgar Davids marshalled the midfield together. I use the word marshalled because I can never remember watching TWO holding midfielders play together on the same team as aggressively as they did.

The only thing more unfair to the opposing team is the breif minutes Claude & Viera played together on the French National Team. I wouldn’t take all the money in the world to have to come up against those two when they’re both in a bad mood. Afterall they won the world cup and got to the final to penalties the second time.

I could not disagree more with El.Kaptain, but we rarely do agree.  M.Essien is NOT a holding midfielder.


No. Seriously, he is not. He is the next Clarence Seedorf that plays a little further back. Wipe that look off your face!

Is he not of African Origin? Does he not display technical ability that far surpasses what he should have if he played a traditional role? Can he not drill in an absolute screamer one out of every 7 odd chances? Is he exceptionally strong on the ground and in the air?


Essien, a player that will definitely find himself a spot in Football lore as being compared to Rivaldo, Iniesta, Seedorf, more because no one really understands what position these people play though they are worthy of our appreciation and regularly make first team football.

In fact I dread what kind of advice their managers give them before they take the pitch.

I can almost picture Ancellotti saying “Okay Seedorf, you are in today. Alright no one bother him and if you can score go for it. Do not depend on him or expect him to pass the ball everyone. Come back to defend when and if you feel the need to. GOOD TALK!”

This is vastly different from Inzaghi with whom the conversation between Ancellotti and himself must be something along the lines of:

“Alright Pippo, if you don’t score I will lose my job and then the next manager that comes in here will sit you on the bench for the rest of your life because you are essentially the most under appreciated player in world football.  Now go save my job again you owl!”

Not to blatantly use this post towards the next subject of conversation but if I had an all time XI of existing players at their primes, I would not go for that futile creator/destroyer crap.

This fits in with my guiding principal of football as a whole:

“If you want to learn about building a defence ask the Italians, if you want to learn how to score goals ask the Brazillians. Just don’t ever ask the Germans for advice, three changes of style and a unification of germany later yet they still can’t do anything right.”

Is Essien the best replacement for Patrick Viera or can you name someone better?

You Decide!

*Though if you voted for George W. Bush ever, I will decide for you instead.


“He is the greatest poacher of all time. Deal with it!”