I can’t believe I’m going to admit this to the world and come out of the closet on this one but…….I don’t enjoy high scoring games.

Look……….before I find my login and password for theOffSideTrap no longer working tomorrow allow me to explain.

When I say I don’t enjoy high scoring games, I mean they are not my first preference. If you said, you could watch a 2-2 or a 4-4 I’d go with the 2-2. My ultimate preference is that games are CLOSE throughout which entails low scoring affairs have a higher probability of fulfilling that pet peeve statistically. (I mastered probability over 4 years, there is no refuting this fact)

Close games are derived from solid midfield performances. You can have the best back four in the world but if your holding midfielder/s don’t do their job, it is a constant goal tease you are in for and inevitably something scrappy will be scored.

At the same time I am a big fan of posession football. Infact, I am a firm believer that the highest rates of posession should always determine the winner of a match (fair use policy applies to this). I’m not looking for the longest ever stream of back passes, I’m just saying posession football is what I’m talking about. The question posed was…bugger it here goes….I enjoy more defensive football. Yes I freaking do!

When I play in friends back yards, I am in the defence, I try to think like a defender and yes, I have defensive preference on the mind when it comes to the football I watch. I mean…….I follow Serie A and my favorite team is AC Milan…..what do you expect?

How can you tell me that seeing Patrick Veira rough housing a guy in the mid field and sending a ball up the field to an empty Zalatan Ibrahamovich for a clinical finish isn’t a thing of beauty? The first portion of the move is just as good as the latter.

Watch this video with sound on full blast and tell me you don’t feel something for the defensive side of the game!

*If you have time to check it out, you’ll realize that the video of him as a kid dribbling half the team is nearly identical to his run in the goals scored at the end of the video against a Romanian side famed for their Defence. That kind of stuff just creeps me out.

Also….though you may disagree with my take on defensive football….please…..please….please do not kick me off the blog. It’s the only place I get to aire my frustration at the English game and Micheal Essien that is of worth. In terms of sheer annoyance, Macheda and Essien are on level terms. Not even daylight between them. Hows that for an offsidetrap pun.

Big fan of the “In Soviet Russia…” comment, keep them coming.

Lastly, I think you all have screwed up on the creator/destroyer combination idea entirely. You have no idea how Essien and Xavi would play together so how can you choose them? Is clear cut evidence of players being able to play with one another and their personalities i.e. a meeting of the minds not essential or are we just going to continue with the usual wet dream scenarios in an effort to vindicate our footballing beliefs? So the real question now has to be:

Yaya Toure – Xavi
Gattuso – Pirlo
Essien – Lampard
(Insert your suggestion here)

Lets talk about people that have played together and are proved two man teams. The whole point of evaluating the greatest holding midfielder was that it was just one guy, so you didn’t really have to worry about synergy. You build a team around him like El.Kaptain pointed out.

Also I was just wondering…..are we allowed to talk Boxing on here, because I’ve been dying to point out that my overwhelming favorite Manny Pacman Picaquao rocked Ricky Hattons world with a left hook from another planet in the second round. I said TKO in 5 but Manny obviously, had other plans. If your out there listening Manny, after you retire I suggest you take on corruption in the Phillipines after you’ve proven to Floyd Jr. that he avoided tough fights his entire career and is a bust. It took Mayweather 10 rounds to kill off an opponent that Pacman devoured in 2. This is after Hatton was turned into a “complete fighter” by Mayweathers dad who taught him all of his sons trademark tricks? Corruption might be a more challenging opponent than the trash you’ve had to face in the ring. I’m waiting for Haye – Klitshchko. My prediction is TKO in the 4th by Vladamir. It’s going to end early, Haye is too cocky already.