I think the post below on having to be defensive to win is some partial vindication of my views but I’ll just ignore the subject for now. However, I deeply regret the omission of Cafu from your list of trans generational players that are not offensively minded. I would make a strong case for Nesta as well, please view his World Club Champions Cup Final goal to ascertain his offensive capabilities. Stunning goal.

What do the Nadal fans have to say about 6-4, 6-4, game, set, match and championship to Rodger Federer. Lets not forget this was infront of Nadals home crowd either.

Big deal? Yes, well and no. Nadal does not lose any confidence off this win and will try to convince himself it was a fluke. Federer on the other hand has realized that Nadal is just as vulnerable as him and that its a lot easier to win a Grand Slam when you are second seed as opposed to first. My heart says Rodger is going to win the French but my head says Andy Murray or Verdasco is going to shock the tennis world. If Federer does manage to win. He will become the greatest player of the new era overnight. I think he is already. There is more to life than the French Open, if you don’t believe me, ask all the greats that just won the French Open and nothing else that you’ve never heard of because they couldn’t win anything else. I’m in your head. Deal with it.

As for Inter Milan, Barcelona and Manchester United, I have to congratulate them even though I might have existing rivalries with a few of them. Pep did an incredible job at Barca this year, Sir Alex is at his usual best and after the come from behind 2 goals down against Spurs I was convinced that they deserved the title this year and last but not least the idiots that occupy the San Siro (our stadium) while we’re out of town, congratulations on another season of prevailing over the long run but underperforming in the Champions League. Jose Mourhinio has brought his effective yet boring style to Italy but is worthy of our respect. Especially since he had to deal with and manage a rebellious ape (See: Adriano) who eventually escaped into the wild from captivity. I have to say I’m happy for him, there are some species that should never have been lured out of the Amazon in the first place to do mankinds trivial bidding.

Predictions for next year:

La Liga – Barcelona
(Pep is as sharp as a Evander Holyfield home shopping network knife set. He’s loyal to Barca and will remain there for a long time, we have yet to see the best of Henry, Messi and whoever takes Eto’os place)

Serie A – Juventus
(The boys are back in town. They played a bloody competitive season and got really unlucky. Goodbye Trezuget, hello freaking Amuri)

English PL – Liverpool
(If all they need to do to leapfrog like they did was buy one guy in Torres, imagine what will happen after they buy 4 more players. Oh yes its happening and Rafa wants nothing more than to deny Sir Alex his 19th title for as long as possible)

Champions League Winners – Chelsea
(They would have been in the final if not for a horrible horrible mistake on Essiens part. I think its time we accept that Chelsea can play good football in Europe and are inevitably now going to succeed with new management in place)

Lastly, please take the time to catch Maldini’s last match of the season because it really might be the last of his career. It’ll be coming up now with the season drawing to a close. It will hard not fall into a depression for the 90 minutes + added time I will have to watch seeing my hero leave the game. Pretty soon it’ll be Nesta gone and by 2052 if he has it his way, they will formally remove him from the payroll. Inzaghi is like a sponge, you never have to throw it away and can use it forever but after a while you just get the urge to throw it away when its been used a certain extent. Not throwing it away and replacing it would just feel wrong somehow.

I would also just like to ask that El.Gaffer reveal who his primary team is in League play and International Football once and for all. As it is never easy to understand exactly where his heart really lies. Ask yourself, who would you want to win the Champions League? Who would you want to win the World Cup?

Forza Milano!