As far as the french open goes, Nadal losing was no big deal. If the tournament was not being played in Spain he would almost definitely have lost to Djokovic in the semis. Yet, inspired by the crowd he somehow found a way to win.

After an epic 4 hour match and less than 24 hours recovery, there is no way he could have been anywhere near his best in the final.

Where this match might have implications though is for Wimbledon. Although Nadal is superior on clay I still think Federer has a small edge on grass. However that would have been overridden by Nadal’s mental dominance if he hadn’t won yesterday.

What was also encouraging was that Federer was playing with a clear mind. He ran round the backhand on the return, used the drop volley judiciously and wasn’t afraid to come to the net even when passed.

As for where my footballing heart lies? That will have to wait for another post :p