So, when it comes down to it, every true football fan must admit that the best two teams got to the Champions League Final, and you know what, I’m pretty happy with who they are.

For the recent past, there have been so many teams that have gotten to the final’s, and maybe even won, but I’ve watched the match thinking, oh so and so shouldnt be here, there were better teams out there. And it’s all well and good saying that the they’ve gotten there, because they are the best, but I firmly believe that in any given match any team can beat anyone. The rest are just excuses offered up by the media to ensure that people watch the final.

So for the first time in many years, I actually think that yes, we have the two best teams in Europe, and probably the world competing for the ultimate club prize. Bring it on!

My prediction for the final?

2-1 to ManU AET

And I say this as an Arsenal fan. But ManU are just a brilliant team at the moment, can’t see a weak link, whereas Barca’s already weaker defense has been further weakened by suspensions. And then there is Valdes, or Iniesta if you believe SP :p

P.S For the record I would really much rather Barca win. And it’s now time for EG to finally come out of the closet and admit he’s an Arsenal man.

Shut up pirates!