What a bunch of absolute horse ****. The notion that the best two teams in Europe reach the final is proposterous! The Champions League has so little to do with consistency that it is a joke to say the best two win.

Enter Exhibit A:

AC Milan Vs. Liverpool      2006

Enter Exhibit B:

AC Milan Vs. Liverpool     2004

Enter Exhibit C:

Porto Vs. Monaco FC

I will not get into a debate on my own team so lets waive Exhibit A & B. Are you absolutely joking me with FC Monaco.  It was a one man army of Morientes in an effort to tell Real Madrid what he thought of being sent on loan. Thats like saying Pompey deserved the FA Cup!

Your sending me on loan?….wait what does that even mean. I don’t get to play with Raul….but..but..but..I’m prettier!

Sadly Moreientes never was quite the same after. Are you telling me that those buggers deserved to be there or that Porto should have won it either!? Nyet. Nyet. Nyet.

I love special1TV as much as the next fan, but one can only go down on Jose for so long. I agree that Barcelona should win and that is what my heart says. It’s kind of suspect that Greece won Euro 2004 much in the same manner that Jose won the champions league and no I am not bitter about losing the Scudetto this year at all to him. I swear. My heart said Barca will win while playing Chelsea and I all but lost hope till the very end. All said and done, Manchester United as much as I hate them and it takes more out of you to say it than it does me, will win. Congratulations on coming out and being honest on admiring them. When Darren Fletcher and Micheal Carrick start playing well, its impossible to identify a weak link. Silvestre left, only to become the weak link somewhere else *cough* …Arsene wasted money finally!…..*cough* Alright I’ve resisted long enough…..

Shut up,  El Comandente!

Could we finally please discuss whether Jose is a great manager or if he just is a successful oppertunist that goes to the right club at the right time. Is he the Clarence Seedorf of the coaching world (note: Clarence won titles with three different teams Ajax, Real Madrid, AC Milan)