So we play a backyard game of 5v5 every Sunday, and I thought I’d share some of the wisdom we’ve gleaned. First off, it must be noted that el gaffer is known as such mainly because of his managerial/coaching skills. Having spent a few weeks playing with us when he was last in town, he managed to transform the game, introducing things such as ‘tactics’ and ‘defensive runs’. Magic.

So provided below is a diagram showing an example of how a 5v5 side could line up, and their defensive duties. Playing the typical 1-2-1 diamond formation, you have one central defender, a couple of wingers and a forward who doubles as midfielder. The defensive runs are marked in blue, with the hollow black dots indicating positions to be taken when defending (the wingers have an intermediate position before falling all the way back). Pretty simple, yeah?

Defensive positions for AKFC

Defensive positions for AKFC – the plan

Well. No. Not really.

Here’s what actually ends up happening.

Actual defensive runs for AKFC
Actual defensive runs for AKFC

Oh well.

-el kapitan