Gaffer might have made a great point that I overlooked. There is more to the fans than winning in some cases when it comes to Legacies. However, I don’t think the players themselves really give a crap. Would you rather have lost for your country at the World Cup and still be remembered as a great team or have lifted the cup? I think that one is a simple one.

I agree however, that as teams strive for perfection they deserve more credit. However, as a fan I just prefer winning over style and good attacking football. About every single Chelsea fan out there can explain what that must be like. Depends on what you are watching for I guess.

I’m more of a Rodger Fedderer kind of guy and less of a brute force Nadal type when it comes to my football taste.

Word count is at 144. So here goes. I will mention AC Milan till the day that I die or until any team that you support contains any one player that can break any of the following three records: 3 Champions League Titles with 3 Different Teams (Seedorf), 900+ Appearences for a club (Maldini) and Greatest Number of UEFA competition goals he also has 300+ goals for a single club (Inzaghi).

Lastly, I was not geared to strike the ball from day one yet over my last three appearences combined I have been outscoring you at our little backyard games of glory days gone by; but how can it be?. I let the results do the talking. Then I talk some more.

My latest revised predicition for the Champions League is Barca Wins 3-1

Word Count: 277 including these words.