Right, so now that we’ve outlined how diligently we fulfill our defensive responsibilities, I thought I’d complete the picture and let you know our attacking strategies. In the case outlined below, we have an attack occuring down the right (the ball is with the right winger). The plan is illustrated below:

Futsal pitch - attacking ideal (right)

AKFC attacking runs (right) – The Plan

Again, it’s fairly simple. The goalie moves up a little and centre defence takes up a position on the half line or slightly further forward to act as the pivot. The right winger has two options: either make for the byline and put a cross in, or cut inside. If he cuts inside, the forward is there to exchange passes with him and then move further forward. If he goes for the byline, the forward makes for the near post, while the left winger takes the far post.

Here, then, is what actually ends up happening:

Futsal pitch - attacking (realistic) right

AKFC attacking runs (right) – The Reality

Damnit. And it was such a good plan.

– el kapitan