What do the Football World Cup, NFL Playoffs, IPL, Champions League, Heineken Cup Rugby and NCAA Final 4 have in common? They are all decided by single elimination games. This means that the question of whether the best team won is irrelevant. Its about moments and great performances which can not be denied. Zidane’s volley, Gerrard in Istanbul, Gilchrist in the last world cup final or even in the IPL semi-final when he smashed 85 of 35.

This is unlike league football, the NBA playoffs or the best team in Test Cricket, in which excellence is determined over a longer period, and consistency is more important than inspiration.

Barca have already proved their status as a great team by winning la liga -which they ‘deserved’. However to win the Champions League they will have to provide us with some new moments. No one deserves to win the Champions League untill the final. I’m sure that as a New England Patriots fan, Super Pippo will understand :p

P.S Incredibly, I caught the tail end of a Clarence Seedorf interview on Radio 5 yesterday.

P.P.S Before SP pays pilgrimage to the San Siro he should read this http://www.goal.com/en/news/10/italy/2009/05/25/1285122/why-did-milan-ultras-insult-paolo-maldini

P.P.P.S Your theory on Viera is meaningless because Domenech is a crazy man. How he is still in a job is beyond me.