I have always maintained that as players age, the greatest compliment one can get at the end of their career, one that might ever be better than domestic silverware is being recalled out of international retirement.

What in essence your country is saying is, “Of the millions of people that we scouted and put through academies and have played the great game for our country, you have withstood every odd and obstacle. You are basically the man and are better than people 10 years your junior that might have thought they were awesome.”

While Claude Makelele would prefer to hide from the demons that must surround him from the last world cup exit at the hands of Zidane (I think he would have scored the penalty Trezuget would have never had to take). The truth is Patrick Vieira still has something to prove, it has something to prove. It’s the same thing that Henry does too. That there is more to the French National team than Zidane. That they are just as much a part of the France 98 legacy as him and that ultimately they can lift the World Cup.

But thats not going to happen. So Zidane really was the best.

I would caution El Commandente to read closely, I mentioned in all UEFA Cup Competitions, not exclusively the Champions League.

For once, I think we can all agree that everyone on the offside trap wants the same team to win. FC Barcelona should be able to lift the title if the absence of Danny Alves and Eric Abidal can be mitigated. If anyone can get past Vidic and Ferdinand, its a team that has a combination of agility and incredible passing. Tomorrow is the chance to answer a much larger question. Is playing attacking, posession football the path to not only greatness, but success in the form of winning silverware as well? If so, it would be a great great step in the direction of answering what has always been a hard question to answer.