My two most hated players on the Man Utd team are Ronaldo and Evra, but at least Evra is an honest c*#$.

I think for a neutral football fan, there is very much a team that ‘deserves’ to win. The team that has given the fan the most joy should be the one that ‘deserves’ to win. Does that make sense? Which is why for me Barca deserve to win it, even though Utd are probably a stronger team.

Beside’s doesnt it seem like it’s destiny for Barca, for a local legend, in his first season in charge of a club, let alone a major club to lead them into the Great’s? And great they will be if they top it off. For any team to be considered great, they have to win the Champions League. They have proved that they are a very very good team by winning La Liga and the Copa Del Rey, but tonight could be greatness.

Since we like making lists, could we have one of the greatest football managers? Restrictions, of having at least won 1 league title or cup, any others you can put under notable exceptions.

And finally what actually happens in Sunday Football:

Actual Movement

A brief description as follows:

Diag 1: At the start of play

Diag 2: Once the game starts, we begin moving

Diag 3: Result of our movement.