I cannot believe I beat everyone to mentioning the fact that New Castle has been relegated to the depths of hell in the Championship.

I think anyone that thought that Alan Shearer could save New Castle was, well a New Castle fan. He is not Pep and this is not the La Liga.

The last 8 games resulted in Alan helping them win 4 points but I don’t blame Alan Shearer, he did the best he could with the ‘tools’ given to him. Not the sharpest ones in the shed if you know what I mean.

I loved Alan Shearer as a player, but as a manager he just annoys me. At least he was honest enough to say two things:

“I think everyone knows the answer to whether or not I will be managing this club, there are larger problems than just one manager right now since we were just relegated a few minutes ago.” – OUCH THAT WAS WHEN HE STARTED CRYING

“I apologize to the fans, they deserve better than what we provided this season. You can blame anyone or anything you want but the truth is, we didn’t play well enough and we didn’t deserve to maintain our premiership status with the way we played this season.”

The second comment I have to say, is a rare bit of honesty in the world of football management. A far cry from “The team has great potential and I am hopeful we will reach our full potential next year” (say it in a French accent out loud). Though its true every year somehow.