1) Guardiola made one big mistake this season which almost cost him the treble – playing Iniesta up front in the second leg at Chelsea. Even with Henry not at full fitness, he wasn’t going to repeat it. The ‘little people’ as Desailly called them won Barca the game.

2) United had two options – play on the counter attack or try and beat barca at their own game.

Option 1 would have meant having playing tevez, rooney and ronaldo. Has Fergie forgotten just how devestating those three were last year?

Option 2 would have involved a berbatov or scholes and maybe both. Instead they picked Giggs which proved to be a disaster

3) This was compounded by the decision to take of Anderson in the second half leaving just Carrick and Giggs in midfield. I think Barca couldn’t believe the amount of space they had to play in.

4) Piquenbauer maybe a little premature but he has the potential to be a great. The block on Park at the beginning showed was critical and showed his alertness – no early nerves for him. Lets see how he does in the World Cup next year.

5) Messi seemed like he was doing his best impersonation of Riquelme. I loved the fact that he took a shot early on to keep the defenders guessing and used his acceleration sparingly – again keeping united off balance.

6) Speaking of which does Messi stay in the libero role for Argentina now that Riquelme has fallen out with Maradona? In any case, Tevez, Messi and Aguero with Gago playmaking is a formidable lineup. Targetman be damned.

7) Pep is going to have to rotate his squad more next season. It will be fascinating to see how easily Bojan and Hleb fit in when playing regularly as part of the first team.

8) Henry deserves this. He wasn’t a bandwagoner and has played an important part in Barca’s season. They missed him against Chelsea.

9) Puyol isn’t a star. Just an intelligent, gutsy and dedicated footballer. Any manager would want him in his squad. Having said that, lets not forget the awesome vitality Alves provided them for pretty much the whole season.

10)Does anyone believe the hype that Barca will let Etoo go and sign David Villa? I think they should keep him. The guy continues to prove his detractors wrong. Having said that Villa is younger and I imagine the slight attitude problem I perceive with him (a bit like Fabregas) will be taken out of him at Barca. However here’s a thought – why not sign Tevez? He presses brilliantly has excellent movement and can play anywhere along the front line.