“My heart says Rodger is going to win the French but my head says Andy Murray or Verdasco is going to shock the tennis world.”

That was my prediction from prior to the begin of play at the French open, lets hope either my head or heart win out, my heart preferably.

You have to ask yourself, why could Nadal not beat Soderling? Let me answer that for you, he has not been consistently good. While Rodger held his head high for nearly 3 and a 1/2 years, Nadal couldn’t deal with the issue of consistency, the mark of a real champion. Not being able to spin the ball or run around like a mouse on crack. Uh huh, I said it – so deal with it.

Some great amount of pride surged through my veins to hear that the only person that was ever faster than Nadal that I ever saw on court was none other than the Soderlings coach, Magnus “Flash” Norman. His unique running technique aside, Magnus was denied victory in the final of the French Open himself, so it must feel good to be able to indirectly stick it to the current champion. Welcome back to tennis Magnus, we miss you.

As for Soderling, I’d say that just wasn’t a proper name, it sounds like he has an evil twin named Soldering. Soderling and Soldering. Evil. Yeah congratulations on beating the “King of Clay”. More like a Jack of Clubs right now actually.

As for Rodger Federrer and Tommy Haas, few matches I have seen in my life can I not pick who I want to win and one has to admire Tommy Haas who took Nadal the distance in the Australian in a very close match and brought out the best in Rodger. It just goes to show Tommy still has the talent, he is just missing the extra gas in the tank at 32 and who can blame him. He’s done his native Germany proud and has produced some very good quality baseline tennis in the process.

Okay, now lets get serious. This is the best chance that Rodger Federrer has had to win the French Open, but will his legacy always be the champion that could never beat the No. 2 when it counted if he wins it? If he wins this, every Federer hater on the planet will have to apologize and recognize that he is the greatest player the game ever saw after Bjorg. I’m personally looking forward to his defence onto his sixth consecutive US Open. Forgot about that kids?

If he he makes it to the final, I just want to say this. Move up almost into the box on the second serve when you’ve got him on the break for match point on his serve.  He’ll double fault.  If that doesn’t work go for the speedy underhand sneaky serve. It works every time. Just ask Michael Chang, he knows how to get inside someones head in the French Open. Oh Evan, what that ridiculous hat probably cost you in titles you could have won without it.