It appears Kaka is all but gone to Real Madrid at this point. This makes perfect business sense but little footballing sense, sadly. Ronaldinhio, a shadow of his former past will now be incharge of the playmaking with his Brazillian team mate Pato, though understandably he might want to leave the club as well to play with Kaka so that their international duties are easier to get used to.

Potential replacements for Seedorf and Ambrosini are not forthcoming. Flamini is a step in the right direction but we need someone of a Steven Gerrard or Owen Hargreaves type of role to populate the midfield in their place.  No clear path ahead seems to have emerged but there is always a plan B at Milan.

Maldini’s departure, Ancelotti gone and now Kaka. The only really positive you can take away from this is that Maldini and Kaka being gone will free up a good 12 Million + 4 Million + 56 Million = a shit load of money.

If they don’t become the Arsenal of Serie A, Milan can manage two solid signings this summer to solve their problems and at least remain competitive. This will involve for the most part, a regular and bulky striker i.e. Eto or Drogba. It will also involve needing to sure up the defence with a signing in the central mid field that can double for an ailing/oft injured Zambrotta. Canavarro would have been a good choice, but Juve have got him back now.

Assuming Leonardo is going to become the face of Milan’s management (easily possible) who would you buy with 70 Million foreseeably in cash lying around?