Even with his two nemesis out it’s still not going to be easy for Federer, Del Potro and Gonzalez are very good players. But for the first time this tournament he actually consistently played at a good level, not brilliant Federer level, but still at a good level, the level that he played towards the wane of his number one ranking, where while he wasn’t brilliant, he still managed to beat the opposition bar Nadal in straight sets. So the Haas victory has managed to give him some all important confidence, which showed in the Monfils match. 

There are two things that are of importance were he to win the French, 1) I would expect him to be the favourite at Wimbledon, and 2) Be recognised as the greatest player bar maybe Borg.

Like El Gaffer in a previous post, I dont believe that Federer has become a worse player because he’s lost the talent, sport more than any other thing on this planet is about how much confidence you bring into the game, and he seemed to have finally lost it. With the French hopefully in his pocket he will have the confidence to get on with the job of winning Grand Slams.

Secondly, so what if he doesn’t have to beat Nadal for the French, it still counts. Besides you have to factor in that for the past 3 years he has been swatting aside everyone else here, Nadal on court is possibly the perfect mix of a human being. You just can’t beat that, Federer doesnt have the physical attributes to do so. So in my humble opinion, Federer is the greatest player since Borg anyway, people don’t realise how good his stats on clay are just because he hasn’t won it. Getting to the Final, and then winning all the other Grand Slams is quite brilliant.

On to cricket, caught a bit of the Pak-India match, the boys performed as expected, but I do like their new kits, quite electric.

And finally football, I’m a bit surprised that we let Barry get away especially since he only cost 12m pounds, pretty affordable, but then I read about his 100,000 a week salary. That might’ve been it, so much for only leaving for Champion’s League football, City cant even offer him Europa League, which Villa certainly could. I’m still hoping that we get Alonso, he’s not exactly the tigerish, combative mf that we need, but he does a tidy job, and then is a wonderful passer with it. Again, it seems doubtful that will happen since he was probably Liverpool’s best player last season, but Rafa is quite wonky.

Adebayour will most likely depart, maybe to Milan who should have bundle’s of cash to throw at us soon, frankly i’d be disappointed with anything less than 20m for that goat. I might be interested in a swap deal for Flamini, 15m plus the Flamster that is. And i doubt we’ll buy a striker as a replacement, although Roque Santa Cruz for around 10m would be brilliant, I say this because i expect us to play with a different formation next season. Central defence, and a defensive midfield will most certainly be strenghtened, i am confident of it.

Cmon You Champion!