The Boy Roger, makes it past Gilly in straight sets. The only thing the Frenchmen left the court with, was a bad taste in his mouth and a stomach ache he probably faked to buy time. God knows all of us used this tactic when we didn’t want to give an exam.

So……feel better Gilly. Actually, I think now that Nadal is out he’ll be holding a birthday bash this year since he won’t be playing in the French Open Final. I hope you get an invitation buddy, because Andy Roddick, Doko, Tommy Haas, Leyton and Venus + Serena will be available to attend as well. Wow, she would be fabulous to grind I just realized.

As we move into the final four, my head and heart seem to have started co-ordinating on level terms. None of the remaining four have experience at this level of the tournament, which means it is highly likely that someone is going to crack under the pressure and I highly doubt it is going to be Roger. Now that he has gotten further than Rafa, it seems the Rodger F doubters have moved from:

“He can’t beat Nadal on clay. He has lost his confidence completely”

to this after the Madrid Masters Final where Roger beat Nadal:

“He might be able to win in Madrid, but France is a completely different ball game. He can’t beat Rafa there.”

to this after Rafa was booted out of the tournament:

“Yeah, I saw the victory in straight sets over Gael M, but it wasn’t a very convincing victory, he is making a lot of mistakes still.”

He is afterall, a mere human being. I will say this though, anyone that comes up with the line:

“Yeah, he won the French but he never had to play Rafa so it really shouldn’t count.”

Anyone that says that, if it were to so happen, is an absolute idiot and knows nothing about sport.


I know I write on it, but does anyone even read this damn blog?!