20-20 Humiliation

First things first. England lost to the Netherlands. Is that worse than Pakistan losing to Ireland? Is the English manager going to now be strangled by a pissed off gambler who probably has ties to terrorism. Another sure bet gone down the chute? I’ll let everyone else decide. R.I.P Bob Woolmer.

Tom Brady

Thank God Tom Brady is back. I’ve heard some crap about how the Dolphins think the AFC East will go through them this year. Just like how Dan Marino could win the Superbowl? Morons.

The Dolphins

Bill Parcels has transformed the Dolphins into monsters. This is what happens when you have a quality QB that is willing to listen to you instead of Tony Romo who was too busy sticking it to Jessica Simpson to understand what Bill meant when he said calm down. One thing is for sure, Bill Parcels is a great coach, Tony Romo isn’t as good as you thought. Big Bill, took the single win Dolphins and transformed them into AFC Champions. This is no joke people. Hmm…..wait….does that mean if we sent Bill up to Detroit the lions would win the superbowl?…….Wait. I think I’m going insane.

Pat Cash


The Offside Trap wishes Pat Cash the best of luck in his upcoming Legends Under 45 doubles match with partner and fellow legend Emilio Sanchez, they’ll have their hands full against the one and only cold war relic. Yevgeny Kafelnikov because “in Soviet Russia, Yevgeny owns YOU!” I guess it should come as a bit of a surprise that Thomas Muster an Austrian is partnering up with him this year, some form of gesture over burrying the hatchet on the whole Austro-Hugarian Empire trying to take over Russian during WW2 I guess.

Loving the graphic we managed to dig up. Pat is still sporting the chequered headband that got him pretty much every Aussie woman he wanted and more. Loving the casual look and staying true to the Dunlop Raquet, I wonder if his sponsorship deal is worth anything past “We’ll give you free tennis raquets and not a penny on top”.

Come on Pat!