So i’ve already decided I’m going to order one of those obnoxious picture cakes and serve it on the day of the final. Yeah thats me.

Roger is into the finals and now its a coin toss.  I said earlier that it was about experience at this level and I stand by it, something strange happened at the end of the 3rd set. Experience kicked in. The fifth set, experience mattered most. Roger piled on the pressure and kept the gas in the tank for the end, it was like a two stop strategy at Monte Carlo where the car runs out of gas on the way to pit lane and winners circle. Just good enough to get the job done or incredibly perfect for the constraints of the game played.

With Soderling now into the finals, both players will have had a tough 5 setter to deal with and need plenty of rest. It’s even. This should be a good final, however I do have a theory on the final as well. Roger won’t win a 5 set match. He will have to close it out in 3 or 4 to win.

I think I’ve begun calling Soderling Mini-Magnus often enough to use it on the blog and btw, I saw a shot of Magnus Norman sitting on the side lines, the man is still buff. Scandanavians just age well I guess.

I don’t think someone who got the French Finals and choked can teach someone to win the same tournament, Soderling has to be kicking himself for having someone who doesn’t know what to do now being the top authority on his final game plan. All Magus can do is replay the tape and say “Young Soderling, just don’t do what I did and you’ll win…..”