Yes, we. We are the Champions of a great sporting generation, one in which we have been graced with what can only be described as a great year.

Nadal won the Australian and posed a real challenge after years of quiet in tennis.

Barcelona rocked Man U’s world and proved that effective attacking football is capable of winning silverware against even the best.

Maldini retired a brilliant career.

Tiger Woods showed that he is a man of steel that can bounce back from injury without a shadow of a doubt when needed.

The Netherlands beat the unsuspecting English and I’ve finally seen the biggest six at the Oval after C.Gayle rocked Australias world.

Australia’s dominance of Test and One Day Cricket was challenged and to an extent ended.

Rodger Federer won the French Open in straight sets.

Jensen Button finally realized his driving potential and made a smart switch with a great car. He won 7 out of 8 this year so far. Good on you Ross Brawn.

The Offside Trap wishes Roger Federer the best of luck with his new family and finishing a career grandslam.

If he continues to play this well under pressure, Nadal could well be beaten at Roland Garros if he bothers to make it to the Final again.

2009, has been a great year so far and the best place to have been throughout all of this madness has been a spectator. Ultimately, we are the champions.