There is no one more resilient than a Pakistani cricket fan. Despite all the heartache, the nonsensical run-outs, the maddening lack of application, the inconsistency, the butterfingered fielding and the complete and utter lack of any sort of coherent plan that the Pakistan team brings to the field, we support them anyway. Against our better judgment. To me, this is best summed up through this little anecdote:

It was the beginning of the fall, September 2007. The leaves were beginning to turn, the suffocating Punjab heat was abating, and all was well with the world. I was living in Lahore at the time, and spent a good portion of my time at a friend’s place, enjoying, among other things, the luxuries of his generator, his mother’s quite excellent cooking and his father’s company.

His father and I spent a good deal of time watching the first World T20  that fall. He’d curse the team to high heaven but, curiously, never missed a game. Time came for the final, and we took our positions in front of the television. After the first innings, we felt we were well in it. Things were looking decent.

Then the inevitable collapse came. We retired to the dinner table, cursing. Uncle went on about the inadequacies of the team and in particular the utter ineptitude of the batsman.

The TV droned on in the background, as we lumped forkfuls of food into our mouths to assuage our disappointed hopes and dreams.

Suddenly, there was some excitement from the commentaters. A six?

And then another. Sohail Tanvir, you little beauty.

Misbah, you are a master. All is forgiven.

Our food unfinished, we turned our chairs at the dining table to face the television, fearful that our changing positions significantly may throw the fragile feng shui and chi that led to Misbah’s magical innings  off kilter.

And then that shot.

Why, Pakistan? Why do you seduce us, and then leave us?

– el kapitan

p.s. The Offside Trap would like to clarify that the views of our contributors are their own, as we each have significantly differing opinions on most matters, and not all are intelligent. Especially not Superpippo’s. 😉

Alright, let's break their hearts!

“Alright boys, lets make sure we get through so we can break their hearts in the final!”

Picture courtesy AP/Matt Dunham