It is time that I aired this piece of dirty laundry.

I absolutely hated the Galacticos. I think they deserved to win less than what they did and I’ll tell you why. Great players don’t make a great football team. Great football teams make great players! How the hell else did Zenith SP win the UEFA Cup ( I still don’t get it ).

Do you think Pique would have played as well as he did if he didn’t live in constant fear of being the weak link? Well actually wait…hes bloody brilliant. Bad example.

When you have 11 superstars on the pitch, you don’t have anyone that is willing to take one for the team and moreover the ego issues, oh lets not even start on the ego issues. You the heir to the Totti throne for being the biggest diver in World Football, C.Ronaldo on the same team with Ricky “I Belong to Jesus” Kaka and you are expecting some sort of instant chemistry to develop?

You haven’t got a clue. Take it from me, my team AC Milan bought Ronaldinhio and had Kaka at the same time. The word BUST is not adequate to describe what happened. Ronaldinhio going on to become a great reliable player in the AC Milan squad next season will just vindicate this belief, you need to give superstars breathing space not suffocate them into paranoia by surrounding them by their peers.  You just can’t have too many super stars on the same team imported from the four corners of the world. They have to develop and become superstars TOGETHER at the same team for it to work the way Madrid wants it to.

In line with the subject of this post, I should point out that spending nearly 200 Million Dollars on just two players has to be the height of irresponsibility in the biggest recession in the history of the world. Way to take your position as an elected leader of an organization seriously you muppet! I can’t for a second believe that they don’t remember what happened the last time they pulled this stunt.

Time will tell, but in the mean time, I’ll take the 80+ Million freed up from the Kaka deal any day of the week. I only wish they’d sell Dida too. Though I feel these days, it is the God of the Old Testament that is presiding over AC Milans fate rather than the God of the New Testament.


p.s. The Offside Trap wishes Kaka the best of luck at Real Madrid, first for the years of silverware he was primarily responsible for winning and secondly for truly loving his favourite team enough to agree to bail them out of financial trouble against his better instinct.  It is unfortunate that Kaka was not senior enough to be crowned captain, but then again this is not Arsenal that uses any tactic available to keep their best players shamelessly.