While what happened at Bordeaux was a well calculated decision at the time, no one could have foreseen such a huge buying spree that involved Kaka nor could anyone have predicted the world recession that got AC Milan into finiancial crisis. So I think you need to try to be fair to the bigger picture. Yes, we are going to lose out big time, especially if you saw the highlight reels of his greatest goals this year. They are incredible. I wish him the best of luck.

Who will replace Kaka, well as the big B himself put it, “We still have one player named Ronaldinhio”. A fitting response to what about the loss of Kaka. I know you think he is past his prime, but every great player has one incredible season left in him. I guess that tells you a little something about Figo….cough..cough.

Ronaldinhio simply needs to become the provider and playmaker that he has always had great potential to be. So he isn’t as fast as he used to be, so he isn’t as fit as he used to be. He doesn’t need to be anymore. He just needs to transform much like Wayne Rooney has, into a responsible, slightly more defensive minded player who understands how to control the game rather than be the guy that throws caution to the gameplan and scores.

If Man U can convert Wayne Rooney into a useful, sensible footballer than the sky is the limit.¬† I’d like to point out as well that if that doesn’t work they still have a lot of money lying around:

56 Million from Kakas Transfer
7 Million from Kaka’s regular salary freed up
9 Million from Maldini’s salary freed up
15 million from the Bordeaux deal

= 87 Million isn’t a bad figure to have in liquid cash during the summer. That could lure a big name to the San Siro. Some relatively undiscovered and under appreciated Boca Juniors type could settle in nicely. Though, I feel this year is the year they build up the war chest rather than spend it. Lenoardo is no fool and from what I’ve read, he is the next Arsene Wenger of the Serie A. Someone who views finances over football.

All I can hope for now, is that Maldini doesn’t really leave for Chelsea and accompany Ancelloti to coach and that Real Madrid play AC Milan in the Champions League so we can figure out, how much value for money they actually recieved.

I also agree with Gaffer, Kaka does not bring the same excitement onto the pitch as Zidane. I agree he can solidify his greatness, but I think he has already established it to be honest. He won AC Milan a Champions League near single handedly. That goal where he headed the ball between two Man U defenders that collided and went on to cooly score past VDS is as good as the Zidane volley in a different way. They cannot be compared but Kaka has a great advantage over Zidane, maybe not in ability but in temperment. Not the kind of player I see getting a red card often.