The month in review:

Roger F wins the French Open

Tommy Haas slaps around the insolent young ruffian Djokovic to win the Halle grass court tournament

Australia gets kicked out of the 20-20 world cup

India get kicked out of the 20-20 World Cup

Phil Jackson trashes Red Auderbach’s long standing record and Kobe sees light past Shaq’s shadow

Mayweather cannot fight and make his big comeback yet

In order now……..Shut Up Nadal Fans!, Shut up Haas doubters!, Shut up Aussies!, Shut up Indians!, Shut up Shaq!, Shut up Floyd!, R.I.P Red. That felt great.

Iraq Vs. the USA would be ALMOST as good as the following two fixtures:

Operation Disaster Vs. Operation Disaster II ( Afghanistan Vs.  Iraq)

or my personal favorite WWIII:  Iran Vs. Isreal

I’ll take Iraq Vs. USA any day the week though. Come on you seemingly oppressed Iraqi’s!

Brazil will lift the Confederations cup. Just watch.