They’re  doing it again . . but I don’t care.

What a phenomenal display against New Zealand. The Pakistani cricket team, against all odds, took all their catches (some incredible), fielded like greased lightning (I’ve always wondered about greased lightning. . . it sounds like it would be dangerous) and then they batted like-

Wait a second. They actually didn’t bat all that well, though one supposes the pressure was off and they could afford to take it easy.  I don’t know about this Shazaib boy, though . . . he may be capable of the big shots, but he looked unconvincing at the crease, leading one to conjecture that we’ve found yet another technically unsound batsman that we’re going to persist with on and off for a few years. Yay!

Regarding his incredibly bushy eyebrows, which merit their own paragraph, there is speculation that the massive power he generates is through the constant up-and-down motion of said brows during the bowler’s run-up. We also believe he is using them to keep his helmet from covering his eyes.

Anyhow. Now we play Ireland, who have a massive psychological advantage over us (Pakistanis having the psychological sports fitness of an average three-year-old). Frankly, even if we lose, and Intikhab Alam is still alive by the end of the tournament, I’d say we finished up better than last time. Bob Woolmer, RIP.

On the Confed Cup:

Spain 5 – New Zealand 0. Thank you for playing. A Torres hattrick in the first 17 minutes and Fabregas and Villa completed the scoring. At the end of it it was men vs imaginary purple dinosaurs.

South Africa v Iraq ended goalless. I really, really want Iraq to qualify to the next stage, because that would set up a possible encounter with those great liberators and defenders of oi- er. . .democracy, the USA.

(FIFA has permitted the use of three (3) IEDs by each side for the purposes of that match)

– el kapitan

brian mcbrideBrian McBride after the US’s last encounter with Iraq. He was making a perfectly legitimate
run, when, for no apparent reason, the ball exploded.