Brilliant just Brilliant. North Korea has qualified for the World Cup, dumping Iran out of the picture. One more reason to burn tyres  in Tehran.

I cannot begin to tell you what joy it brings to my heart for the people of North Korea. They are much like Pakistan, a nation that has little to look forward to and are largely suffering under an inefficient regime. Not to mention a country that has fallen out of favor with the idea of sporting achievement.

They fought off corruption, malnutrition and every sanction available to man kind to get where they are. I wouldn’t say this is a victory for their system of life or Government, as I am not in a position to judge them. I will however say that it is a triumphant victory for the people of North Korea and I would like to wish them the very best of luck in the competition and hope that funding related issues or global sanctions do not prevent their full participation.  Football is a truly global game with them participating.

In short conlcusion, Shut Up South Korea!

I anxiously await         N.Korea Vs.  USA      and hope that it will be an absolute bloodbath worthy of the allure of the possibility. Portugal Vs. Netherlands should look like two toddlers fighting over a toy in a sandbox compared to the all out war of that fixture. The fixture would be worth even more if the North Koreans walked out on the game to make an impression, though my hopes are dashed of that happening in an Iran V. Israel fixture now that Iran is out.

Getting to see Kim Jong at the games will be great. Loving the sunglasses, absolutely loving them Kim.

Well done boys. Well done. I’m glad Fidel lived to see this……………..or has he……..hmmm……