The subject of discussion four seconds after the last ball of the semi final inevitably was thrown wide open.

“Yeah fine, but they can’t win the final.”

“Actually…you know they have improved consistently over the course of the tournament.”

“Well maybe if they don’t have to bat the last ball to win the game, wait no maybe that is it…”

“No, Shahid Afridi will screw us over now. He’s going to party after this game. I still hate him.”

“Is it so hard to accept that these guys might win it, but not really be legendary players?”

Dead Silence

It’s true, some world championships are won by charasmatic players that are either legendary at the time or go on to become legends of any great game. I’ll never forget Usain Bolt but I sure as hell can’t remmeber who won the sprint 2 olympics ago. The Pakistani team that won the World Cup of Cricket were a side completely apart from the spirit of Cricket. Pakistan had the best left and right handed fast bowling attack in the world. We had a still only relatively plump Mushtaq with a strange looking action that worked pretty well, actually disgustingly well (just ask Sussex), damnit we even had a young skinny Inzamam-Ul-Haq in our corner. Do you remember Rashid ‘Air’ Latif? I do and I remember them just as well as legends not from countries I supported like Ranatunga or Srinath Jaysuria. These people revolutionized the game, thats why we remember them.

Did I have fear in my mind when Pakistan sent out arguably the most consistent left and right hand opening pair in the history of the modern game of Cricket? Obviously not.

Am I afraid when Kamran Akmal and the likes of Shahid Afridi later down the order get a chance to bat. Of course not. I’m positively f***ing terrified!

All of you are if you are fans of Pakistan and the millions more that joined the bandwagon as of the last 18 hours past the victory, congratulate yourself but winning in the final would mean next to nothing and I think Elgaffer might actually agree with me. Seriously.

The run up to the final has been rightly so nearly the weakest way to get to the top of the heap from a ranking standpoint prior to the start of the tournament. It’s like an edition of the weakest link where all the contestants are deaf and blind. It doesn’t make any bloody sense. Let us dismiss the victory over South Africa as a fluke, just for a few minutes while we conduct this academic exercise. Lets say the West Indies beat Sri Lanka and Gayle gets injured and Pakistan wins the cup. Will we truly be champions? No, of course we won’t but for a very different reason.

The current Pakistani squad has no one in it that can be deemed a legend. Not the original one that got to England at least. While I know women go nuts at the prospect of Afridi, he has only just started playing and by playing I mean bowling well. Anything with a bat is a bonus but he is at the end of his career surely, as the PCB can’t keep brining his date of birth back indefinitely, though from a mental capacity standpoint I get the feeling he is not managing to move past the number on paper. Are you now going to retort with Misbah-ul-Haq? Oh yes, the shot….the same damn shot twice. TWICE. Legends aren’t losers. Even Roberto Baggio finally made a penalty, Keep Walking Roberto. Keep Walking. God damnit I miss seeing you play.

The point is, that no one from the side that is half way decent really has enough of a career ahead of himself to transform into a legend of the game. Umer Gul, okay fine. FINE. FINE. One legend, but I’ll take this from him. He won’t be doing anything no other Pakistani Fast Bowler has accomplished in terms of technique. Actually fine, I think he’s damn good but other than him. I think the right word is mercurial.

In conclusion, if they lift the cup, everyone will celebrate but few will remember these players in the long run and its now that you have to wonder why it all comes back to that post about Barcelona and the fact that they would have already had a great victory won in footballing history even had they lost the Champions League Final.

On an unrelated note, thank god Brazil knocked some sense into the US Squad. They are absolutely abysmal and really need a decent coaching staff. The US National Team is like Arsenal with Henry, they need to get rid of him before everyone else can show their potential but will still eat it on a regular basis.

Sorry about the length of this post. Long day.