On to the cricket, a lot of people have been commenting how if they were to win, it wouldnt mean as much..simply because this team isn’t brilliant, or we had the easiest route. What bull.

First of all comparison’s to ’92 are rubbish, since Imran actually captained with some planning and thought. People think Younis ‘sweeper’ Khan is a good captain simply because he makes changes to the plan on the field, rather than Inzy’s ‘i have 5 bowlers, i must use all of them for at least 7 overs, excluding Kaneria and Asif, who should bowl at least 10 straight’ I think it’s the activity rather than any leadership that people appreciate about him.

Apart from that, none of those boys at the time were legends, apart from Imran, and Miandad. They all grew as the tournament progessed, and put in some special performances along the way. And Waqar wasnt in the side at the time. If we had been watching at the time, we wouldve probably thought the team was full of monkeys. Mushy, Inzy, Sohail, Raja…all cartoons. And Salim Malik. Now that boy’s a legend. He should be the ICL coach, if there was ever a Karachi team.

Secondly, if we won the tournament, of course we would bloody well deserve to win it…you rats. It is true that we had to beat the lesser nations to get to the Semi’s but then we raped the Saffies, easily the tournament favourites..and yes it would have been a rape if it wasnt for Fawad Alam. They who had completely destroyed every team in front of them. That’s like saying the Champion didnt deserve to win the French because he didnt have to play Nadal. (I’m looking at you SP, since you wrote the post about how much he deserved to win it, and now suddenly the Pakistanis dont?). You can only beat the teams put  in front of you. Simple as that. Now if you had told me that it doesnt matter cause we didnt get to beat India, that I couldve gone alone with….but this other crap is just utter rubbishy poop.

Shut up MS!

PS, to EG, I finally saw Rohit Sharma play…he didnt look that special.

PPS Would Barca have been great without the Champions League? I doubt it…a very good side, but not one that would’ve gone down in history as a great like they will do now.