I can’t believe Italy got spanked by Brazil 3 – 0. Lippi must be on the verge of a heart attack as he is managing the only team to never defend the confederations cup  on the back of a world cup victory. Thats kind of a slap on the face. They played horribly as is, so its not like it was a case of them hitting the bar and missing out.

Pakistan are now world cup winners again and you have to think that had it not been for some irresponsible finishing last world cup, it might have been two in a row. I’m now waiting for the success to get to their heads. I think they are an average team that had a good two weeks. Time will tell.

The United States, probably furious over my blogpost decided to shut me up and produce the performance of a life time with a 3-0 drubbing of Egypt, the team I had favored to get into the Semi Finals, I’ve said from the beginning (see previous posts) that Brazil will lift it and I think people will realize what a huge burden the Brazil B Team put on the Brazil A team when they beat Argentina in the Copa America. The winning B Team then sent a cystal clear message to the A Team which must have sounded something like “If you ever betray the image of Brazilian football and f*** up again like you did in the World Cup you lost under pathetic circumstances, then we will replace you and are perfectly prepared to do so. The entire Brazillian football nation is watching, you absolute and total morons we cannot believe you gave us this chance.”

Ever since then, the Brazil A Team seems to be running around just a bit faster and magically the armband transferred from Gilberto Silva to Lucio, one of my favourite Brazillian players of all time and someone whom I think is a severely under rated defender. One that deserves far more pomp and ceremony. I even pulled off of his back heel followed by a turn the opposite direction pass back to the keeper that fooled a Karachi United player just this weekend at our little football game. It was magical!

I’ve recovered from my back surgery and am now fully functional, able to run around without discomfort for the first time in nearly 3 years. I also was denied two goals at the hands of an incredible keeping job.  Never fear, Pippo is still here.

Oh yeah and by the way, the United States really does not deserve to be in the Semi Final. Shame on Egypt for not trying to score and instead waste time only to get booted. Mohd. Zidane was missed terribly by the Egyptian side it would seem. Now the Americans are going to think they are good. Fortunately, Spain will show them what football really looks like outside of the confines of Landon Donovans ‘TOTAL Football”. What…..an…..absolute IDIOT!