Wait what the hell, so apparently Barcelona are planning on selling Eto so that they can buy David Villa.

It’s not December so this cannot be a Christmas Miracle quite yet but am I now to believe that clubs are beginning to make ‘intelligent financial decisions’ that actually make sense?

Wait a second, but how can Barca effectively market one of their top assets when they are basically saying there is someone else out there in the market (Villa) that we’d rather have and for more money. I feel like there is some logical flaw in their approach, though it might be the common sense aspect of it to which I am blind after seeing such miserable decisions like Robbie Keane changing lanes.

There is far too much common sense in this suggestion of selling Eto for Villa for me to comfortably say it can happen. Transfers rarely make sense and often the fees involved don’t either. Don’t you remember when those idiots at Real Madrid bought the PADI* Certified Ronaldo for a crap load a few weeks ago?

Am I now to believe that Pep is injecting common sense into the Barca board room now that he is done with making the players champions?

Very Very Nice Pep.

Man, I really miss Special1Tv over the season break.

Spain V. USA prediction is 4-1. Spain takes it of course. Brazil still wins out ultimately. I can’t put a prediction on South Africa V. Brazil, since no Brazillian player or manager (Dunga) will want to embarass the home crowd at the expense of their hosts.

I also want to say that seeing Dunga on the sidelines is awesome, though he seems to be in some sort of a competition to see who can show up to a Fifa International Fixture with a more casual attire with the former Mexican Manager that saw them lose to Argentina against a Maxi Rodriquez strike that still gives me chills. Mexico’s manager preferred the sports coat over the tucked in shirt while Dunga is all about the strange felt smoking jacket. I anticipate if both were managing at the World Cup and tried to up the ante that we would see one of them in flip flops and and shorts. Though sadly, only one manager is going to make it to this upcoming World Cup. I was looking forward to seeing Sven coach Mexico to an England defeat but well it seems he will never really have his revenge either on the EPL where his tenure was cut short at Manchester City and revenge on the England National squad is an after thought as he is now out of the picture with Mexico. Though England V. Mexico would be a good fixture. Conclusion.

Shut up Sven!

Back to Dunga, I just feel its great seeing him out there more because it reminds me of the Brazillian team with Rivaldo more than the dreaded Marcos (shudder), for those of you that feel I’m being Harsh on Marcos because after all he is a World Cup winner, then perhaps you should realize that Dudek is a Champions League winner. Lets not forget World Cup Winner Roque Junior……ohhh… It hurts to even have to type that. Wait, I might even have to go lay down now.  Yep, going to lay down for a bit till I feel better.