So, peace has broken out in F1, as the FIA and FOTA (the team’s association) have agreed to make nice and put to rest all talk of a possible split. And after all the arguing about budget cuts, ad revenue, the power to make technical rules, what it all came down to was everyone’s favourite Nazi fetishist, Max Mosley.

Namely, his exit. With Max’s promise that he won’t stand for re-election later this year, the teams’ issues are instantly assuaged, as they know it is far, far easier to negotiate with a brick wall as compared to Max Mosley when he’s adamant about something. Brick walls tend to be more reasonable, too.

Now let’s get this straight: I’m all for cutting costs in F1 and bringing teams closer together. I abhorred, however, the dictatorial manner in which Mosley decided to enforce the new rules which he had just that instant made up.

To be honest, the split had come perilously close, but the most likely result was always going to be some sort of compromise, particularly bearing in mind how much money CVC (the company Bernie Ecclestone represents) stood to lose if it was Campos vs USF1 battling it out for the F1 crown while Ferrari went head-to-head to McLaren over in the FOTA series.

So what happens next? Well, so far the 2010 rules are to remain more or less the same as the 2009 rules, while the teams have pledged to reduce costs to 1990s-levels over the next three years. FOTA will likely get more control over making technical regulations, and will also demand a larger slice of the TV revenue pie (right now they get only 50 per cent of total revenue, which is ludicrous considering that they’re the ones who actually make the sport work. Then again, all F1 is ludicrous.).

In other news, I think I spotted a pig flying late last night. Sources say it took off in Bloemfontein, after watching the Spain v US game. Then again, if this is the price we have to pay for Pakistan winning the World Cup, I say keh jaiz he (it’s justified).

-el kapitan

F1The drivers were on their way to a rival series, but a cunning
series of detours meant they found themselves at
Silverstone, at the British GP, instead.

Picture courtesy Reuters/Stephen Hird

P.S. Read this brilliant article on the Brazilian team. The Guardian makes my life worth living, I swear to Bob (Bob being my chosen omnipotent entity of the week).