I remember reading this fascinating piece on TrueHoop a couple of years ago about a guy who was a professional gambler on the NBA. After using his savings to put a bet on the Lakers winning the title in the first year after the real ‘Big Phil’ joined, he used his winnings to invest in a bunch of computers and software to track every single NBA game. He now earns a very, very, nice living betting on games and is looking for a job as a stats guy for an NBA team.

This is important for a couple of reasons – first of all odds makers know what they are doing, so beating them takes a lot of skill. More importantly, it puts all of us amateur prediction-makers in perspective. I actually, don’t really do predictions anymore.

SuperPippo, so you picked Brazil to win the Confed Cup. Didn’t you also predict Spain to beat the USA? Besides, a real prediction would have been picking the handicap of number of goals Brazil would win by. I’m guessing you would have taken Brazil at USA +1.5.

Seriously, after Nadal loses to Soderling, Pakistan win the T20 and USA beats Spain there is no point making most predictions. I think Australia will win the Ashes, but then we all remember what happened in 2005.