Here it comes, thats two for two now on major sporting events that I’ve predicted the winner. Roger at the French Open and Brazil at the Confed cup. Though I did really think the USA V. Brazil would be a boring game, it turned out to be an absolute thriller! (We miss you Micheal)

As for Brazil, they battled back from 2-0 down and Kaka’s goal was incorrectly denied, it should have been a much easier win for the Brazillians but there are few teams that have a goal disallowed on their march back to win from 2-0 down and still win. THIS is the very essence of Brazillian football, how brute force attack and releventless attack can turn around any game. I think the mental strength of the ‘A Team’ cannot be denied now and it is clear that Dunga is in pole position to fight off Brazils biggest upcoming challenges at next years world cup Argentina and Holland. No other team seems to be playing at a level that comes close to Brazil that will consistently continue to perform to pose a challenge next year.

It looks like the Brazil B Team that is always waiting in the wings to take over, has been shown exactly WHY they didn’t make the A Team yet. It takes serious, serious mental strength to do what Brazil did and to even motivate themselves in what many feel is an insignificant trophy.

The role of Lucio was almost fitting for a captain. To head in a goal in the last ten odd minutes of the game to win your team the game, especially when you are not a prolific goal scorer (10 in his international career maybe) and of all things took on the responsibility of coming all the way up into the USA box to attempt a header off a cross, knowing full well that he would have to get back down the pitch to defuse a dangerous USA counter attack. To know all of that and also realize that as captain you will have to blame yourself if the opposition scores via this oppertunity, to then go and drill in a header. Well Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the very essence of full confidence in your ability and decision making as captain. I used to think that they would never give Lucio the armband and that a responsible strong headed replacement for the ice cold Cafu was impossible, but I think Brazil now have their man. It is well known that I have been a huge supporter of Lucio through the years, infact I have often said he is my favourite player on the Brazillian side. I hope he goes on now, to get the recognition that he deserves by going on to win the World Cup.

I’ve always felt he was severely underrated. Did you know, Lucio won all of this already?

  • 2002 Champions League Runner-up (Bayer Leverkusen)
  • 2002 German Cup Runner-up (Bayer Leverkusen)
  • 2002 World Cup Winner (Brasil)
  • 2005 Bundesliga Winner (Bayern Munich)
  • 2005 German Cup Winner (Bayern Munich)
  • 2005 Confederation Cup Winner (Brasil)
  • 2006 Bundesliga Winner (Bayern Munich)
  • 2006 German Cup Winner (Bayern Munich)
  • 2007 League Cup Winner (Bayern Munich)
  • 2008:: Bundesliga Winner (Bayern Munich)
  • 2008:: German Cup Winner (Bayern Munich)
  • 2009:: Confederations Cup (Brazil)