Someone saw the blog and told me I was full of s***. That I didn’t know anything about sports and that I should give it up.

Bet me, on anything related to any sport you feel comfortable on and I’ll make sure I win.

Fine, choose someone that will get further than Leyton Hewitt this tournament that isn’t in the top ten.

I chose Tommy “The Machine” Haas and the way the bet works, is that I get the agreed amount multiplied by however many rounds apart the two got in the tournament. i.e. Leyton got knocked out in the quarters and Tommy is in the Semi’s so I get the bet amount, if he gets to the final now thats two levels ahead and I get bet times 2 etc.

There is no doubt that previous posts will reveal I have a huge crush on Tommy Haas. The undisputed star of Sega Sports Tennis, got all the way to 2nd in the world while Pistol Pete was cleaning house. Arguably the Jim Courier of his generation you always had the feeling Tommy just had one more good year in him. He gave Nadal the toughest time at the Australian out of everyone else in the entire tournament barring the final and gave Roger F the fright of his life at the French.

If Tommy Haas gets past Roger Federrer, which I value at a healthy 40% chance he will lift the Wimbeldon trophy. He has played outstanding on grass and has a true all round game. Stamina is his cheif concern at 31 but at long as he doesn’t get stuck in a 5 setter, he should be able to win the title. Blasphemy from a true Roger F fan, but Tommy Haas is class and deserves to exact some revenge on the top flight after recovering from several injuries over the course of his career that kept the good man down.

Quickly on to Real Madrid. You cannot win a title by buying every available player on the transfer window that everyone else wants. Benzema to Madrid was the latest headline. Lets hope the next one reads “Huntellar to AC Milan”.

The biggest question in my mind is while Fergie might promise to never sell Real Madrid a Virus, would he be willing to BUY from the Virus mongers in Madrid?

There are a good four Dutch players up for grabs. Sneidjer, Robben, Van der Vart, Drenthe and Huntellar. With all of them having been replaced pretty much, where will they all go?