At 6-5 with Roger ahead a game and Roddick on serve in the 5th set, I got up and left. I couldn’t take it. I felt the same way while being subjected to the Australian Open Final this last time around too. I knew Roger couldn’t possibly win, that Roddick would break him and serve out the set. I drove home. I looked at the TV, 9-8, no wait maybe he can win. No, I remmeber this stupid feeling of hope at the Australian Open.

I left the room, came back to see him down 15-40 and said he was finished. I didn’t want him to win. I can’t believe I’m saying that. Andy Roddick was a more convincing player, I mean, he hadn’t had his serve broken. No no no…maybe Roger can win it. No, no you idiot don’t you remember when you thought that at Wimbeldon LAST year? Might as well watch the end of the game.

Oh no, hes returning on the side that has the ball come from the light into the shade. He’s lost it, he can’t win it now. Not with that kind of disadvantage. Its okay, he’ll get to 15 when he wins the US Open, no wait, won’t Roddick be the favorite there? What the hell, how is Andy Roddick playing this well. Surely there is too much pressure now that Roger served 4 aces straight to take his service game. Andy…..down….0-15, yes this is it, this is…AN ACE? ARE YOU F#@)*$)#@ KIDDING ME. HOW? HOW? What about the pressure…oh f*** it all, he’ll screw up, double fault come on Andy. Kill yourself here. He just wouldn’t bloody loose.

Andy Roddick played the best tennis of his life.

Roger F, I haven’t checked but I want to say that I think he nailed more Aces than Goran Ivan himself in the final. He had over 100 winners. Yet, no satisfaction from a huge fan of his like me, none whatsoever from winning.

God damnit, now why did Roger have to say what was on all of our minds. That the fact that Rafa wasn’t here didn’t feel quite right. 15 Slams.

Congratulations Roger, but we’ve come to expect so much of your genius, places you on such a high pedestal every single time and elevated your status 15 times. The result, is that we cannot appreciate that you came back in the tie breaker, that you nailed more aces than the most feared server of the game in this era and lastly we cannot appreciate what it takes to get to 15 titles. We are not worthy of your genius or its public display. We dream of greatness in our individual lives but your showing us what is possible.

Don’t stop playing. Come back to Wimbeldon till your in your late thirties like Martina N did, to play mixed doubles and have a good time.

It must be lonely at the top.


Your Fan