So Cricinfo says that former players ‘slam dramatic loss’. Fair enough, you’re always open to criticism when you collapse like that. Then I see the sub heading ‘Fawad Alam’s exclusion questioned’. Seriously? I know I made fun of him prematurely in the World T20 where his specialist fielding was invaluable, but this is test cricket we’re talking about now where a specialist fielder makes as much sense as having a Champions Trophy in September and another T20 tournament next year. Admittedly one of the former players was Sarfraz who no one should listen to about anything, but still.

Shoaib Malik may be a mediocre player, but he’s done enough in international and domestic cricket to legitimately claim the number 6 spot in the batting lineup. These former players also suggested that Razzaq should have been in the team (really? the guy can barely bowl 4 overs) and Kaneria (which is an ok call, but its hardly an obvious bad decision to pick Saeed Ajmal).

Finally, one nugget from that article. In one of the most brazenly self-serving displays of analysis ever, Ijaz Ahmed thinks that Pakistan needs a batting coach. Picture that folks – Ijaz Ahmed batting coach. Let me say that again, Ijaz Amed batting coach. I shudder.

I’ve been pumping up Ben Hilfenhaus for a few years now so I’m glad he performed well. Despite claiming Pietersen’s wicket, I still think that Australia messed up by picking Hauritz instead of Clarke. As I said, the strength of their fast bowling was the fact it was relentless. When Hauritz comes on to bowl, it relents, a lot.

On the whole I think England are on top. The way the ball was swinging, I could see them getting Australia out really cheaply. Then again, all it takes is for Phil Hughes and Ricky Ponting to have a huge partnership for that to go out of the window. Interesting, very interesting.