S Rajesh on Cricinfo says that he actually played quite well – leaving the ball and playing straight. Having said that this move has no logic. Salman Butt doesn’t have a great record, but he has scored a century and fifty in australia and a century and a couple of fifties against England. Maybe you don’t want to persist with him, but at least wait till the end of the series and then give a proper opener a run at the position. Anyways, I’m not going to go on about this.

In other news, why is England obsessed with Kevin Pietersen? Well, he’s the most fascinating character and along with Flintoff, people want to read about him. The good thing from KP’s perspective is that this also means that he gets the big endorsement money as well. Unfortunately for him, in the absence of other big stars the press will tend to make the story about him even when it isn’t. Who wants to spend time talking about Alistair Cook’s lack of runs against the big sides when Pietersen gets out to an innocous sweep shot. Btw, Kallis got out to Hauritz in almost the exact same manner in either the Melbourne or Sydney test and I doubt there were that many column inches about him.