Alright, first off, all this talk of Mark Webber’s first Grand Prix win being “a long time coming” needs to be done away with. Webber is an excellent, determined driver who has been plagued with more gremlins than Heikki Kovaleinen’s 2008 McLaren, but it has only been this year that he’s really stepped up his game.

In previous races this year he’s occasionally outshone Seb Vettel (by far the better driver, in my opinion) both on the track and with his race strategies, showing that he’s not going to be a No. 2 at Red Bull.

The season, meanwhile, is working out quite nicely, with the Red Bulls coming into their own, and chinks in the armour of the previously bulletproof BrawnGP cars beginning to show. Apparently they don’t like the low temperatures, with the front ends sliding about as if there were skates and not slicks on. Button was actually weaving during his hot laps just to work some temperature into his tyres.

McLaren’s aero updates seem to be doing the trick, too, but Lewis Hamilton, like the terrier on crack that he is, got a little carried away with his KERS-assisted start, and ended up shunting his race to hell. Heikki drove well, though – I was impressed with the determination he showed in a car which has, historically, handled like an overloaded shopping cart (remember, he didn’t have the aero updates that Hamilton was given, and was driving the same car that has become such a common fixture at the back of the grid).

The Ferraris, meanwhile, continue to be enigmatic – Massa got a fine 3rd, after keeping faster cars bottled up behind him and succeeding through strategy where he was failing through speed. Raikonnen, however, drove an indifferent race and retired when the prancing horses in the back of his Ferrari gave up a puff of blue smoke and decided to call it a day.

On cricket, briefly:

The English seem to be back to their old ways . . . battling to draw test matches they should be putting out of sight early on in the piece. If they manage to salvage a draw at Cardiff (as I type they’re 194-7, with about two hours to play), it’ll be little consolation. They just weren’t good enough against this Australian side, regardless of the result (and I fully expect Siddle, Hauritz and Johnson to mop them up over the next 120 minutes).

Pakistan is back to its best. Oh. Wait. No, that’s right, I meant it’s worst. Sorry . . . 90 all out in the first innings, and then letting the Sri Lankans get away to 150 odd for 3. Not a great day, no. Normal service, it would seem, has resumed.

Also: Khurram Manzoor and Fawad Alam to open the innings? Really?

– el kapitan

Webber winsFerrari’s Felipe Massa attempts to kill German GP winner Mark Webber by drowning
him, in a bid to bring the Ferraris back into contention for this year’s
championship. Not pictured: Mark Webber’s gremlins, who
took the weekend off.

Picture courtesy Reuters/Wolfgang Rattay