Having kept relatively quiet following a serious of predictions that might not all have panned out perfectly, I am positively delighted to see Fawad Alam hit his century today.

Welcome back Mercurial Pakistan, please don’t shock us with a Series Win in Sri Lanka somehow. It’s a gift we just cannot accept.

“Fawad Alam is being sent to open the batting, are you serious?”

Official Score on Questioning a Decision and being right about it.

Fans of Pakistan 1,244,214 –  Pakistan Cricket Board   1

Congratulate the PCB boys, finally a solid decision or a huge fluke. Probably the latter, but let them celebrate something other than their mediocrity.

Wait, okay wait.  I really want to ask this because after years of hype Shahid Afridi is now the sweetheart of Pakistan.

So if Fawad Alam through some feat of something or the other somehow breaks Brian Lara’s batting record through some cosmic feat, then what. Are we all crazy?

God damnit. Anything could happen.

I don’t think I have ever seen a more confused sporting nation than Pakistan.