I’m going to try and cover up my embarrasment at Fawad Alam’s century by saying isn’t that we why all love sports in the first place? That rather than being able to figure out what’s going to happen, people continue to surprise us. Paul Collingwood has made a career on this. Nathan Hauritz had been written off as well (again by me – although in my defence I definitely thought he had improved in the odi’s against S.Africa. My point was more in favour of the 4th seamer rather than against Hauritz)

Last night Fawad Alam must have been somewhat aware that the entire cricket following population was calling for his head. Actually, even worse than that he had become a  joke. One of my cousins said yesterday that he thought he was good because he had a good first class average and that he had never been given a chance. Those were perfectly good arguments, but resulted in 4 other people (including me) starting to laugh at him.

Elsewhere, they haven’t won yet and they are playing a 5th choice Windies team, but the Bangla batsmen might finally have figured it out. Look at the overs the team played – 88 in the first innings and 120 in the seconds. A couple of years ago you could have got the entire team out 5 or 6 times in that time.

Tamim Iqbal made 128 of 243 in the 2nd innings, but also made 14 of 66 in the first. Junaid Siddique had strike rates of 38 and 48 and whats more unlike almost every other good Bangla performance, Ashraful failed both times with the bat. I wouldn’t get carried because of the nature of the opposition, but there is hope, and that can only be a good thing.