While I confess Cricket is not my strong suit, I do know one thing about Pakistani Cricket Players. It’s that they never perform under pressure in most instances during a live game but once they fall out of favor with the selection committee or become the butt of the Pakistani populations jokes, they immediately take the one small remaining chance given to them by some fluke to shut everyone up for the next year at least. Dismal performances then follow until they are again under the ugly spotlight of doubt in the elaborate and often misinterpreted game of musical chairs and sometimes misdirected hate from the general population.

While this has been going on for generations in Pakistan, Shahid Afridi is a great example. After an incredible batting performance at a young age he was sworn at by everyone including myself to this day and was one bad innings away from becoming a victim of a Cricket Hate Crime before an incredible turn around where he apparently tapped some untapped potential in his bowling arm and became a consistent, economical, spinner. While this makes absolutely no sense, it is compounded by the fact that he was the key player that probably won Pakistan the 20-20 World Cup.

Fawad Alams century only affirms in my mind, the wheel turning yet again to bring about a new age in the game of musical chairs. The Pakistan selection team and PCB are pretty much hosts of a doped up version of “The Weakest Link” where all of the contestants know eachother for a change. Whats sad, is that this will continue and be allowed to continue for the next few years untill they win something again.

If hindsight is really 20/20, then perhaps I should write in a line apologizing to good ol’ Dudek for ridiculing the fact that he is a Champions League winner, since Fawad Alam also got a medal at the twenty twenty world cup.

Roque Junior on the other hand, would have to come up with an invention that would improve battery efficiency by at least 80% to extract any sort of apology from me regarding my comments on his career. Then again, I’m sure Cafu asked him to surrender his medal for Cafu’s wife who played a more central role in the Brazillian World Cup Victory that year. My head hurts again.

Fawad Alam on 168

Fawad Alam silences his critics on the Offside Trap with the expert balancing of his helmet with his middle finger.
The Pakistan teams unofficial sign it has adopted over the years  to let its critics know it has heard their concerns but respectfully disagree.