Is there any other way of looking at this? Manchester City’s goal is to break into the champions league. To do so they need to displace one of the big 4. Signing Carlos Tevez and attempting to pry away John Terry from Chelsea are excellent moves as they strengthen City while weakening their rivals.

On the other hand signing Adebayor from Arsenal takes away a player Arsenal really didn’t want and gives them with the funds to strengthen the squad. This reminds me of when Chelsea decided to buy Veron from United. It was clear that Veron didn’t really fit in at Man U and that they would be burdened by the transfer fee plus wages they got for him. Luckily for United, Chelsea flush with Roman Abramovic’s cash decided he was one of the big name players that was available and right for them. Bad move.

I like the analogy of Test Cricket and T20 being like classical music and pop/rock. (Btw, does that make Yuvraj cricket’s Elvis?). The problem is that if T20 gets too big it will take talent away from Test cricket which will leave it denuded – this doesn’t really happen in classical v pop music. Having said that, does the Bangladesh v West Indies test show that test cricket has a future even with players who aren’t as good? Obviously I hope it doesn’t happen and I realise it would be strange watching a format of the game in which the biggest stars aren’t playing, but its worth thinking about.