Lo and Behold. After a scare from my club Milan over the purchase of Adabeyour, thankfully money prevailed over brains and Man City purchased the boy who cleared his medical today.

Good luck with 7 strikers Man City. Your going to need them if you don’t figure out what your back four are going to look like.

Mark Hughes is WAY out of his league right now. They need a manager that can control a world class side and deliver results, what was that little birdie on the windowsill, did you say Juan De Ramos? Yes indeed. Juan De Ramos. I would LOVE for him to come into the premiership again and whip Spurs @$$! Bring him to City and I’ll quit being an Arsenal supporter to watch that team in action. Win or lose.

Purchasing and transfers aside, the upcoming year in the premiership is going to be what will justify it being regarded as a high quality league, which will only really happen if there is serious competition at the top. There will be with Sunderland, New Castle, Pompey and Man City under new management. OH WAIT, NEW CASTLE GOT RELEGATED THATS RIGHT! Oh noes! You buggers deserved it. Even Micheal Owen stopped believing in New Castle with a swap over to Man U in what has to be the most bizzare move I’ve ever seen. Sure enough, he will don the red jersey and suddenly start kicking ass, of this I am certain. Man U just manages to do that to players.

Arsene Wenger has created another masterpiece of a deal. With Benzema at Real Madrid and Liverpool not willing to sell Xabi Alonso, believe it or not, Arsenal are in pole position to try and pry David Villa from Valencia. I would pay to see Villa up front with RVP and Arshavin backed by Cesc Fabregas. It would be a thing of beauty. As it is, Arshavin has brought a lot of excitement to Arsenal when pairing up with Cesc.  Something about Arshavin has always reminded me of Dennis Bergkamp, though I can never place exactly what.