Lucio, having been promoted by me quite shamlessly over the last few months has gone to Inter Milan to play first team football.

Since the new Dutch ace coach wouldn’t ensure anyone a starting position at Bayern, Lucio told them to take a hike and decided Inter Milan was worthy of his services.

Inter Milan are one of the top 5 defensive units in the World historically. Though often ignored. The Italians have always been famous for their defensive units and Inter Milan has not disappointed in any way shape or form with respect to not being able to uphold the reputation.

Ivan Cordoba, Zanetti, Materazzi, Maicon, Chivu are just a few names that will allow you to realize the defending potential on that team.

You have to really honestly begin a process of self evaluation with respect to your opinion on Lucio, if he really doesn’t belong on that list at that level, then why does ‘The Special One’ want Lucio to play first team football for him as a regular?

I am deeply dissapointed that he did not join Milan, to solve the issue of an inconsistent injury ridden pair of Nesta and Kaladaze, but he will be a real asset at Inter Milan. When you are dominating the league almost effortlessly, you just need a few tweaks in your team to ensure that the empty spot in the trophy cabinet for the next Scudetto is insured. Jose M, is no idiot.

Milans solution is not Favalli or anything else they currently have on the bench but being a Milan fan has a lot to do with being patient like being an Arsenal fan. No wait, more like a Liverpool fan, because they actually do win stuff eventually.

Congratulations Lucio, on an uphill battle to realizing your potential in a business of big names and flash over the fundamentals that are often overlooked.  We wish you and your family the very best of luck in Italy, even if it is at the cost of the Rosseroni from time to time.

Good luck in the Serie A. We will be watching you, in a way that is just as creepy as that sounds.

The Private Thoughts of Lucio: I just found out InterMilan want me over there, finally something to
celebrate about other than another boring World Cup of some sort that I will never get any credit for.