Oh no England, not again. But then the same could be said of Pakistan. It should, at any rate.

Like most Arsenal fans, I cant believe my luck at this Ade deal to Man City. Lets think about this, last summer, when he was at the height of his career we couldnt get rid of him for 24m, and now when he’s been half as productive we’re getting 25m for him. It’s like Santa came early this year. But lets not get ahead of ourselves, he apparently needs some time, but at the quoted 170,000 a week, I doubt too much of it will be required. He can always donate some of his salary to charity if he feels that moving there would be viewed badly in Africa.

I’ve never felt that Ade was a top quality striker, but what I did like about him was his work rate, and his heading ability which gave Arsenal another option. Last season, without the work rate, he wasnt going to cut it. A good striker nonetheless.

The chosen replacement seems to be some Chamakh guy at Bordeaux, at 7m plus Sylvestre (what a deal breaker that would be eh?) with other better proven strikers in the squad its not a bad  gamble. So, provided we reinvest the rest of the 25 into a strong central/defensive mf type I’ll be absolutely thrilled with this. Because really, we need to partner Fabregas with someone who lets him play to the best of his ability, and that did not happen last season. I would argue that we dont even need Chamakh, we have Eduardo, Vela,  Bendtner who can play as the No.9, and RVP, Arshavin, Nasri, Rosicky, Walcott as the No.10. Provided those two stay fit. So, I’m not concerned that we’re strengthening our rivals or even weakening ourselves, as far as I’m concerned there are better strikers out there for 25m. And as long as we buy the right central mf partner for Cesc we can be genuine title contenders again.

Senderos is a defender I’ve always rated, I think he has the talent to be huge…if he stays I would be happy with it. People forget that 23(?) in the life of a defender is fairly young. He can improve, and just because everyone remembers how Drogba bullied him around doesnt mean he’s not a good defender, Drogba does that to most defenders. Gallas and Sylvestre should be the ones who move. Gallas plus 5m cash for Flamini would be a good move.

Wenger is amazing at making money off players/making star’s of unknown players.