At the beginning of the transfer window, the most popular of items on anyones list are always the strikers moving around from club to club.

In the very beginning we had to deal with these names flying around:

Ronaldo, Kaka, Benzema, Drogba, Adebeyor, Eto, Ibrahamovich, Owen, Tevez and Villa….this guy named David Villa.

While all of the above are not strikers, they are all big names that evoked some serious news. As usual things have gone horribly wrong for Valencia, who greedily again over extended themselves in an attempt to sell David Villa to sure up the debt issues at an ailing club.

With Madrid purchasing Benzema instead, came their best chance with Barca selling Eto to buy Villa. Having rejected their offer, Barca basically told them to piss off and being the great team that they are have now all but secured Zalatan Ibrahamovich while getting rid of some dead weight (See: Hleb).

Where will David Villa go now?

Man City? = Doubtful, they have 7 strikers and Madrid, Barca, Inter and well everyone are not interested.

Real Madrid? = Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

Chelsea? = Villa? Nahhhh…..we’ll just keep Drogba since our new coach thinks he is god.

Barcelona? = Rejected.

Wait a f***ing second. There is NO ONE LEFT other than Liverpool who will have to sell Xabi Alonoso (suicide) to buy Villa, I get the feeling that the strikers at Liverpool are in good shape especially since Schevchenko’s old partner from Ukraine is playing upfront  there back from loan and stated he wanted to stay and fight for his place.

Well you know, there is this club I’ve heard of that never buys big name players and just sold their most over rated striker for 25 Million Quid. Well maybe…

Quite frankly though, I have no symapthy for you greedy, greedy, buggers at Valencia. Turning down Barca was almost on some level as bad as the fact that a company OWNS Tevez. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a blog post about that up here or perhaps a human rights NGO involved.

Congratulations Barca. You’ve won another season now that you’ve replaced the most selfish player on your squad of glory, with someone who will add creativity and a clinical touch. An incredible compliment to Messi and Henry, but most of all I want to see Ibrahamovich help develop Bojan. They share some serious similarities in their approach and confidence. One thing is for sure, Real Madrid will not win this year.

You can’t buy respect and you can’t buy a La Liga title. This isn’t England people.