No, Rui is very much healthy and alive, I am just having a hard time envisioning the current structure at Milan.

Rui Costa, is probably my favourite attacking mid fielder of all time. He was a consistent performer unlike Ronnie who still needs to find his form. Aside from that, Rui was a hard worker and I wouldn’t go so far as to say he was just as effective defending as he was attacking but there would be more truth in that statement if it were made for Rui, as opposed to the great majority of pre-madonnas that currently play the attacking midfield role. (See: I HATE Bastards that Don’t Back Track)

The most memorable goal I have ever seen in my entire life is Maxi Rodriguez and his piece of utter perfection against Mexico in the World Cup prior to this upcoming one. Not even Essiens Champions League goal can come close in comparison. Maxi is the tops.

There are goals of enormous technical ability, ones you can seen on a YouTube highlight reel from 10 years ago and appreciate because of the insane power or skill involved, but a deeper knowledge of the circumstances that surrounded that goal is often not present because not everyone follows every league or remember what situation/relationship the player had with their team when they scored it. Not to mention if it was a last gasp winner etc. etc. In that respect, Iniesta’s goal against Chelsea is a good example. Very, very good goal technically but according to the circumstances, it was a WONDER GOAL that put them into the final. Given the lack of chances and tight defending during the match. The flying Guus deserves plenty of credit for almost pulling off the victory. We miss you Guus, come to Man City. They will make you a rich man.

Sorry, back to Rui, as I mentioned before Maxi takes the tops with his goal, but the closest second place ever has to go to Rui Costa for his goal against England. The entire Portuguese nation was against the idea of Rui “too old to play” Costa in the national team. Milan barely even played him since even THEY had younger options at this stage of his career. Yet, Rui walked onto the pitch and within three minutes scored the kind of goal that has you thinking, “wait, I think it went in……..No No No….the ball is actually in the back netting behind the…….OH MY GOD WHAT A GOAL!”. There is no greater gauge of the quality of a goal than the reaction of the keeper. I would say I have never seen Seaman so incredibly pissed in my entire life. I can’t find the video with the look of rage on David S’s face as he continues to kick the goal post while yelling at defenders. One of which comes right up to his face if I remember correctly yelling back something or the other at him. Not the most harmonius English squad of all time.

When you take into the politics of the situation, this goal was an incredible vindication of his talent and shut up the great majority of the country in terms of their objections.

Coming back to Milan, perhaps I forgot to mention that with Kaka gone and them looking for a high profile attacker, there exists some real possibility for them getting a hold of Louis Fabiano whom I am a big fan of but more importantly, as fewer offers arrive and they hold out for longer, David Villa will become more affordable. Though I think that is just me getting optimistic.

Forza Milano!