While I championed the cause of selling Kaka at 60 Million, I seriously thought that Berlesconi was going to buy someone with the money. I realize why they are unable to sign a big name currently, they have the same problem as Arsenal though the exact opposite one.

Everyone on the team is so old now, that a band of veterans has been somewhat unsucessful in training a younger generation that has moved on to Bordeaux and Real Madrid. A striker and a strong attacking midfielder left Milan yet, Milan still need a strong attacking midfielder and a good striker. Co-incidence? I think not.

Having understood the situation better I would have to say that there is good reason to worry. The basis of not being able to attract a big name to AC Milan has to do with the fact that anyone that shows up realizes they will be playing with a team of oldies that are not really contenders for European Football or even a Serie A title. Milan might not be the Man City of Serie A, but it is definitely slipping down to become the Arsenal of Serie A in terms of success. The Tyco Oil Trophy can hardly be considered serious silverware.

Milans performance against Bayern is half finished as I write this but since they are playing like a bunch of highschool kids, I think it is safe to say that another defeat is imminent. Leonardo’s 4th in a row. While I am all about allowing Leonardo more time, I seriously hope they have an alternative lined up in the event that he does not cut the mustard. I recommend Juan De Ramos. Though JDR has better things to do than manage Milan, sadly.

Perhaps its just a horrid pre-season or perhaps, its a sign of things to come.

What Milan really need, is someone to inject hard working attitude and some excitement into their attack someone similar in style, ability and character to Arshavin. Kaka, though calm was a freight train of positive energy. Either way, Jesus seems to have abandoned AC Milan altogether now that Kaka is gone. We could really use a player like Cesc Fabregas at Milan as well. Any donations welcome at this stage.

It’s going to be one of those crappy years, I can feel it already. At least if the status quo remains.