Loyal Readers,

As the season that is better known as life comes to its mid year break, I have decided to attempt to push the bar in terms of getting yet another wacky/dangerous sport ticked off my list. It’s no secret that I have become bored having tried every conventional sport you can pretty much name other than Ice Hockey, which is not suited to people that had a tropically based upbringing.

Having already attempted the following:

Various Gun Shooting Events
Sailing Drunk
Bobsledding in the Utah Olympic Park
Dog Sled Racing (oh yes I did)
A Bialthon

I seek to push the bar much further with a slightly more dangerous activity where I will be White Water Rafting in the Himalayas. Yes, myself and two other idiots will be hanging on for our dear lives when the river Sherpas guide us through class IV+ rapids. Since signing up for the trip, I have been reading up on the ‘sport’ of white water rafting and have already officially got a really shady looking ICICI Travel Insurance Policy that probably won’t cover anything other than my timely death. I bequeath the entire proceeds of the policies pay out to subsidize theoffsidetrap’s crappy 5 dollar a year domain fee till 2120. God Bless this blog.

Should I not return alive, know that I still cannot BLOODY BELIEVE THEY FIRED RAMOS @ MADRID! WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING!

Well know that AND that if I could have done it all over again……………………….I would have taken Roque Junior out or at least took him with me instead. Seeing it as though I couldn’t get Pepe and him in one fell swoop.

See you in 2 weeks or so.



Pictured Here: Me, White Water Rafting In The Himalayas. Without You.